Study Week Fascinating Informatics

Staff - Faculty of Informatics


USI Lugano Campus, Auditorium (Via G. Buffi 13)

Starting on Monday September 11th, the Faculty of Informatics in collaboration with Schweizer Jugend Forscht will host a group of young students from the German and French parts of Switzerland who will spend four days (Mon-Thu) at USI working on three small informatics projects in the areas of:

  • N-Body Gravity Simulation
  • Liquid Camera
  • Visual programming for microcontrollers

The students will work in room CC-402 (Main Building) and will be assisted by PhD students Pietro Benedusi, Lorenzo Ferretti and Andrea Gallidabino.

The participants will present their results at the closing event in the USI Auditorium on September 16 starting at 09.30.