Switzerland full member of Eurostars-2 and Active and Assisted Living (AAL) programmes

Research and Transfer Service

30 August 2017

On 23 August, the Federal Council approved the agreements on Switzerland’s participation in the Eurostars-w and the Active and Assisted Living research and development programmes. This means that Switzerland is once again a full member of both programmes and is co-financed by the EU. The programmes are particularly interesting for research-intensive SMEs looking to enter new European or global markets through cross-border cooperation. Switzerland’s participation in the AAL programme is one of the many measures that form part of the federal government’s Skilled Workers Initiative.

With the approval of the agreements, and following its renewed association to Horizon 2020, Switzerland is entitled to participate as a full member in the Eurostars-2 and the Active and Assisted Living (AAL) research and development programmes, with retroactive effect from 1 January. This allows Switzerland to play an active part in determining the orientation of both programmes. It will also replenish Switzerland’s funding budget with funds from Horizon 2020 so that funding can be provided for additional projects with Swiss partners.