Architecture and democracy


Institutional Communication Service

6 November 2017

Where can we draw the line between "landscape" and "city"? How can we judge or focus our actions on one and the other, or the continuous expansion of the suburbs? Should aesthetic or ethical values prevail?

The archeologist and art historian Salvatore Settis, the journalist and essayist Pierluigi Panza and the architect Mario Botta will address these and other topics on Thursday, November 9, at the USI Academy of Architecture (7:30pm, at the Mendrisio campus auditorium).

On this occasion, the new book “Architettura e democrazia – Paesaggio, città, diritti civili” (Architecture and democracy – Landscape, cities, civil rights, published by Einaudi, Turin, 2017), a collection of lectures held by Salvatore Settis for the “Cattedra Borromini” during the academic year 2014/15, will be presented.

The event is the first in the new series called “Interazioni” (Interplay), devised for the new Teatro dell’Accademia, which will open in February 2018 by the Director of the Academy, Riccardo Blumer and by the President of the Fondazione del Teatro dell’Accademia Mario Botta. The series will bring together guest speakers from different cultural backgrounds in an open and multidisciplinary dialogue, fostering thus critical thinking around the architectural profession.