A new Master in Digital Fashion Communication


Institutional Communication Service

26 February 2018

At USI, a new training programme in digital communication dedicated to the fashion industry is set to start in the new academic semester 2018-2019. Designed and organised by the Faculty of Communication Sciences, the new Master in Digital Fashion Communication includes also a mobility semester in Paris, at the Pantheon-Sorbonne University.

In the digital age, even the fascinating world of fashion is affected by the paradigm shift caused by the development of ICTs, Information and Communication Technologies. ICTs are in fact widely used to market all sorts of fashion items, with companies in the sector providing more and more information and services online, through apps, social media, virtual and augmented reality etc. Also, sales processes are increasingly relying on eCommerce channels, just as new technologies are also being implemented in physical stores with, for example, interactive mirrors, the possibility of configuring or customising objects, and so on. Last but not least, digital communication plays an essential role, even in the very definition of being "fashionable" or not, of what is "in" or "out". Just think of the growing phenomenon of so-called “influencers”, who communicate their fashion preferences with videos published on YouTube.

The challenges arising from the digital age are well known at the USI Faculty of Communication Sciences. With this new Master's degree program, USI focuses on the new paradigm in the fashion sector, by offering a programme that, in addition to the study of marketing and digital communication techniques, will give students the opportunity to further their knowledge of the long-term socio-cultural processes that have shaped fashion throughout history and have determined its impact on society. The study curricula includes also a mobility semester at Pantheon-Sorbonne University (Paris 1), granting the future graduates to receive a ‘double-degree’, thus underlining the cultural, linguistic and social enrichment that is acquired with joint study programs, and also allowing them to create a network of contacts within the fashion industry.


For information: www.usi.ch/mdfc