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1 February 2018

What is our relationship with medicine? How do habits, the environment, and technology affect our health? How can quality healthcare be provided to everyone? The USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences and L'ideatorio, in cooperation with EOC and several institutions and associations of Southern Switzerland, organises from February to April a series of six public conferences to discuss and delve into the future challenges of the medical sector. The dialogue between experts, the community, and associations active in the region takes place in the context of the European programme SPARKS.

The six conferencnes will focus on listening to and sharing views on the most relevant issues, through the open exchange between USI faculty and professionals in the fields of medicne and public health.

From February 19 to April 23, participants will discuss from different locations in Ticino, about the effects of increasingly sophisticated biotech facilities, the relationship between health and urban planning, food intolerance and trending diets, air quality related issues, the cost of healthcare, and the dynamics of the relationship between doctors and patients.

Inspired by the University’s open approach towards its surroundings, the project was inaugurated on Saturday, February 3 at the Lugano Campus Aula Magna, with a discussion among 30 members of the community - selected according to socio-demographic criteria – and 5 experts from USI, from the EOC, and from the consumers' association. USI Rector Boas Erez and the Director of the Department of Health and Social Welfare Paolo Beltraminelli opened the event.

For the full programme: www.ideatorio.usi.ch/progetto/sparks

For further information, contact Ms. Cristina Morisoli
[email protected] - tel.058 666 45 20