#servizipertutti: telephones and networks of today and tomorrow

Image of a data centre
Image of a data centre

Institutional Communication Service

14 February 2018

Using the phone, surfing the Internet, being in touch with everyone, always, and everywhere: access to the network is now taken for granted like turning on the tap, but how do telecommunications networks work today, and how will they work in years to come? How has the infrastructure evolved and what will happen in the future? What is net democracy and neutrality? How will we surf the web or make phone calls in the near future? 

USI organises a public conference, on Tuesday, February 20, at 5PM in room A12 (Lugano campus), to discuss about the future of telecommunications in our country. The exchange of views between Prof. Gabriele Balbi of the USI Faculty of Communication Sciences, and Swisscom CEO Delegate Stefano Santinelli will be moderated by journalist Michele Volonté.


The project #servizipertutti (services for all) 

The conference will also introduce to the public the first phase of the project #servizipertutti, the multimedia platform promoted by USI in collaboration with businesses and organisations involved in providing public services in Ticino, just like Swisscom. The aim of the project is to convey, especially to a younger audience, in a fresh and realistic manner, the complexity and importance of public services, which is currently facing new and profound challenges: www.servizipertutti.usi.ch