Archivi del Novecento, the new lecture series by ISI and Rete Due


Università della Svizzera italiana

28 February 2018

"Archivi del Novecento. Ten authors through RSI archives” is the new series of public conferences organised by our Institute of Italian Studies in cooperation with Rete Due. The series will kick off today, Wednesday, February 28 at 6pm at the Studio 2 RSI, Lugano-Besso. The other conferences will be held from March 7 to May 16 at USI on Wednesdays at 6pm in room A21 on Lugano campus.

Ten lectures on ten main authors of Twentieth-Century Italian literature, brought back to life through the archives of RSI, thanks to old interviews shot, at times, in intimate settings such as the author’s home. A chance to virtually meeting once more with the most beloved and iconic writers and poets of this productive period in Italian literature.

Authors such as Giuseppe Ungaretti, Sandro Penna, Mario Rigoni Stern, Giovanni Giudici, Italo Calvino, Amelia Rosselli, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Mario Luzi, Alfonso Gatto, and Giorgio Orelli will keep the audience company for one evening thanks to RSI archives and the expertise of scholars such as Corrado Bologna, Roberto Deidier, Marco Maggi, Riccardo Corcione, Ernesto Ferrero, Sara Sermini, Giacomo Jori, Uberto Motta, Stefano Prandi, and Fabio Pusterla.

The opening evening of February 28 “La letteratura e gli archivi televisivi, patrimoni del Novecento” (Literature and television archives as heritage of the twentieth century) will provide an opportunity to understand the crucial role that audio-visual archives play in establishing our country’s collective memory: a window to explore our identity through time, in the name of public service.   

Guests for the evening will be Nelly Valsangiacomo, history professor at Lausanne University who also specialises in contemporary audio-visual history, and Bruno Gambarotta, writer, journalist and for many years, writer for the Italian television RAI. The event will be hosted by Massimo Zenario with the special participation of RSI director Maurizio Canetta and ISI director Stefano Prandi.


All conferences will be held in Italian and are open to the public

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