Dialogues on China: Media, Politics and Culture


Institutional Communication Service

27 February 2018

The China Media Observatory at the USI Faculty of Communication Sciences, in association with the Associazione Ticino-Cina and the Lux Art House in Massagno, organizes a series of public events dedicated to the great Asian country, covering a range of topics, among which the media system in China, the rise of the Chinese “business culture”, contemporary art and architecture in the People’s Republic, and the country’s strategies for claiming superpower status in politics and in the global economic landscape. 

The events will run from March through May, and will see the participation of scholars and artists from important academic and cultural realities, both Swiss and international. The leitmotif of the events will be the critical narration of the socio-cultural, political and economic aspects of a country that is increasingly the object of debate and which is constantly changing. 

The series of events will include public lectures – at the USI Lugano campus, in room A13 – and conferences and films – at the Cinema Lux in Massagno. 

The detailed program (in Italian) is available at: www.usi.ch/it/feeds/7315


For further information, please contact: [email protected]