Seven automatic architectures and other exercises


Institutional Communication Service

2 March 2018

Teatro dell’architettura will host the exhibition “Atelier Blumer. Sette Architetture Automatiche e altri esercizi” from March 9 to May 31. 

The exhibition is the opening event of a long series of activities aimed at testing the potential of the building: an array of lectures, debates, film screenings and conferences that will lead to the major show Louis Khan e Venezia in October.

The exhibition "Atelier Blumer. Sette Architetture Automatiche e altri esercizi", curated by Gabriele Neri, shows a series of interactive installations that were designed and built by Riccardo Blumer’s students at USI Academy of Architecture. The seven automatic architectures are part of a learning and design path adopted since 2007. In the past decade, Academy director and professor Riccardo Blumer has carried out an alternative pedagogical model compared to the more standard approach to the world of architecture.

Opening hours from March 9 to May 31> Tuesday-Friday 3pm-7pm. Saturdays 10am-1pm. Free entrance. For more information +41.58.666.5000