Accolades for Geometric Deep Learning at the Google Faculty Awards 2017

Prof. Michael Bronstein at a conference in Lugano (image: Ti-Press)
Prof. Michael Bronstein at a conference in Lugano (image: Ti-Press)

Institutional Communication Service

26 March 2018

The Google Faculty Research Awards 2017 has honoured Michael Bronstein, Full professor at the USI Faculty of Informatics, a prize (in the "Machine Perception" section) for his work on Geometric Deep Learning. The prize winners were announced on March 20. For Prof. Bronstein, this is the second (consecutive) time that he has received a Google Faculty Award. The award aims at supporting cutting-edge academic research in various areas, such as automatic learning, natural language processing, and quantum computing.

Geometric Deep Learning (GDL) is a generalisation of successful machine learning techniques to non-Euclidean geometrically structured data. The name was invented by Prof. Bronstein himself a couple of years ago, in the context of his ERC-funded project. Today, GDL has become one of the hot themes of machine learning with a lot of traction. Geometric deep learning algorithms are already used in a broad range of applications, from neutrino detection and analysis of data in the Large Hadron Collider at the CERN, to the prediction of properties of new drugs and materials and social network analysis, as well as physics and computer graphics.


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