Dear doctor, are you listening to me?


Institutional Communication Service

20 April 2018

Scientific research has enabled significant progress in terms of treatments and diagnosis. Nevertheless, patients today are increasingly under the the impression that they are receiving more MRIs and less heeding. How will the doctor-patient relationship evolve in the age of technology? To what should we pay more attention to stay focused on the individual? On Monday, April 23, at 8:30PM, in the USI Lugano campus Auditorium, a panel discussion with:

Alain Kälin, Professor at the USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences
Claudia Gamondi, Oncologist, palliative care specialist
Sara Rubinelli, Philosopher
Sandro Bonetti, General practitioner
Sabrina Melchionda, journalist

The event is part of the series "E tu come stai?" (How are you feeling?) organised in the context of the European research program SPARKS by the USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences and L'ideatorio, in collaboration with several organisations and associations in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland.

From February 19 to April 23, participants will discuss from different locations in Ticino, about the effects of increasingly sophisticated biotech facilities, the relationship between health and urban planning, food intolerance and trending diets, air quality related issues, the cost of healthcare, and the dynamics of the relationship between doctors and patients. For details (in Italian only):

The event is organised in collaboration with ASI Ticino-Associazione svizzera degli infermieri and SUPSI DEASS.