Algo4U, where innovative software is "crafted" for the community

The Algo4U team (L to R): Patrick Zulian, Alessio Quaglino, Benedikt Thelen, Prof. Rolf Krause
The Algo4U team (L to R): Patrick Zulian, Alessio Quaglino, Benedikt Thelen, Prof. Rolf Krause

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30 April 2018

The technology-driven and digitized society of today entails higher levels of complexity in terms of problem-solving, often requiring the analysis of large amounts of data and, therefore, of computational capabilities – but within ‘reasonable’ time limits, given the fast-paced rhythms of society in the 21st century. For these reasons, the use of algorithms - mathematical processes used to solve problems through finite numbers of elementary steps in a short time - is today very common, especially in the field of computer science. A well-known example is Google, the ubiquitous search engine for the Internet, whose success is based on the development of a specific algorithm that analyzes the relationships between websites. 

Using algorithms to solve complex problems in fields which are perhaps less obvious – e.g. healthcare, biomechanics, or engineering – is what Algo4U does, a spin-off unit created at the USI Faculty of Informatics by a group of researchers at the Institute of Computational Science (ICS), which is headed by Prof. Rolf Krause. USI is in fact well positioned in the fields of software engineering research and development (as proven also by the recent creation of the Software Institute), and of computational science, especially in the area of cardiac therapy (read the article on the Center for Computational Medicine in Cardiology CCMC). Algo4U was built upon these experiences and competences, with the objective of creating complex and advanced algorithms accessible to users also in industrial and commercial contexts. Algo4U developers, more precisely, develop and provide customised and alternative solutions (computer programs) to those available on the market, which quite often do not fit the specific needs of users.

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