USI honorary member Amilcare Berra, has died


Institutional Communication Service

22 May 2018

USI Honorary member Amilcare Berra passed away in Lugano at the age of 97. He was appointed honorary member "for his constant and generous commitment in raising awareness on the importance of private financial support to the Università della Svizzera italiana". He was also dedicated the chair of Data Science active since June with Prof. Ernst C. Wit.

Born in 1921, Berra studied economics at the University of Bern, where he also obtained his PhD. After being in charge of the Cantonal Tax Office, he pursed a carreer in the banking sector, first as Director of Banca dello Stato, and then of Banca Popolare di Lugano. For almost 20 years (’67 – ’86) he also had served as UBS General Director. He was later appointed member of the Swiss Federal Banking Commission by the Federal Council. He was an active and prominent member of numerous Foundations among which Fondazione del Corriere del Ticino, Lang foundation (scholarships), Fondazione per la Cultura Italiana (grants to students from Ticino enrolled in Italian universities), USI Research and Development Foundation (in support of the academic career of young professors). He also sponsored the Centro di Studi Bancari, Vezia. Soccer player and sportsman, at a young age he followed several sports teams at a cantonal and national level, becoming, among other things, financial manager of the Swiss Football Federation and President of FC Lugano.