Global reversal, regional revival?

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Image of a scale model of "Ticino City"

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28 May 2018

In today’s globalized world, where physical borders are almost invisible and the pace of business is increasingly dictated by the digital paradigm, what is the impact of change and innovation on the political, economic, social and environmental role of Regions?

The Economist has recently presented evidence of capital flows shifting from foreign direct investments by multinational companies to new and more decentralised strategies such as an increasing focus on the establishment of national franchises, as well as the growing success of SMEs by means of utilizing e-commerce. New models of international business are emerging, and these have evolved in response to changing technologies, political shifts, the “territorial awakening” of some regions, and changing consumer demands – including calls for a more overt attempt to address sustainability and social justice at the national scale. 

The processes of global reversal and regional revival will be at the centre of the 2018 Annual Conference of the Regional Studies Association (RSA, the international organisation of scholars and experts dealing with analysis of regions and regional issues), which will be held – for the first time in Switzerland – at the USI Lugano campus from June 3 to 6. Three USI Faculties (Economics, Communication Sciences, and Architecture) are in charge of the organization of the conference, showing thus the interdisciplinary nature of the issues to be addressed and the specific skills of USI in the international academic debate. 

Around 500 participants, including academics, professionals and policy makers, will convene in Lugano for the four-day symposium to discuss the latest developments, issues and trends in regional and urban research and economic development. On Tuesday, June 5, there will be “Policy Tuesday”, a full day dedicated to regional and urban policy, with plenary sessions, round tables and discussions with representatives of Swiss, EU and international political authorities.


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