USI among the top 5 blood donors in Ticino


Institutional Communication Service

25 May 2018

Blood and blood components are a daily public need, not only in exceptional cases but, most importantly, also in the day-to-day management of healthcare activities. Transplants, surgeries, cancer treatments and therapies used to treat a wide range of health conditions require this precious resource, which cannot be reproduced in the laboratory.

Since December 2012, USI supports the activities of the Red Cross transfusion service in Ticino, by organized at least two blood donation sessions on its campuses in Mendrisio and Lugano, involving students, faculty and staff. From 2015, la Red Cross team has obtained a total of 672 donations, 416 in Lugano and 256 in Mendrisio, which corresponds to the average need of more than 1300 patients. Last year, in 2017, USI has provided 207 donations, which represent 5% of the total donations in the Canton made outside of hospitals, and confirming USI’s top-five rank.