The Betrothed by Alessandro Manzoni


Institutional Communication Service

18 September 2018

A very fortunate book, not loved by many, and often banalised by lazy interpretations. The Betrothed is in fact a novel of extraordinary modernity, the only one in the 19th Century to stand up to the great masterpieces in European fiction. In the author’s own intentions, the book was meant to be accessible to everyone, and so it did: The Betrothed were included in school programmes starting from the 1870s, and soon became the literary work that defined the identity of the newly established Italian nation.

USI Institute of Italian Studies offers once again a series of readings dedicated to the novel (in Italian), which will begin next Wednesday, September 26, at 6pm in the Lugano campus auditorium. The readings will feature both guests, chosen from the most authoritative interpreters of Manzoni, and some of the teachers of the Institute, and will include the analysis of specific chapters and general conversations inspired by the characters or themes of the book.

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