Tell me about your Lugano


Institutional Communication Service

12 October 2018

A square, a glimpse of a landscape, a street corner, a courtyard, a mural, a building…Which places in the city of Lugano do you love and frequent most and which places hold a special meaning for you?

The Events and Conventions Division invite all students to tell the story of a place in the city with a photograph. Images capable of portraying the way the spaces are experienced and perceived by the people that live there and that tell the story of the region from a different and personal perspective. Hence also discovering lesser known places, creating new opportunities to promote them. Opportunities created by students from all over the world that depict the region using a different range of signs and places.

The active participation underlying the project will culminate with a workshop during the USI Long Night of Careers, on 22 November. Salvatore Vitale, a photographer from the Events and Conventions Division of the City will work on the selected images together with participants to understand professional editing techniques, identifying the photographs that best tell the story of the region and analysing the best ways to use them.

The Events and Conventions Division will print all the photos received for discussion. Salvatore Vitale will select the 10 images considered most meaningful, which will be displayed at the USI at the end of the workshop. At the end of the event the photographers can take their printed images home with them.

Your photos (up to 5 per person) must be sent by Sunday 18 November to the address [email protected]