The USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences confers its first diplomas

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The USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences has awarded its first diplomas: eight doctors, who have already obtained the Federal Diploma in Human Medicine, have been awarded the title of "Medical Doctor".

The title of "Medical Doctor" (MD) - specific to the medical field - is a postgraduate title that engages the candidate for a period of 6-12 months. To obtain it, the candidate carries out a research project under the responsibility of a thesis director, the results of which are normally published in a international scientific journal. In the meantime, the Faculty, in collaboration with the affiliated research institutes, has welcomed a number of PhD candidates.

As known, the USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences will open its doors in 2020 to its first students of the Master in Human Medicine (three years of clinical training) and will confer its first Master's degrees in 2023. Currently, the Faculty continues its intense activity of scientific research, post-academic training (with PhDs and PhDs in medicine MD) and training for professionals (at the Center of Advanced Studies on Entrepreneurship in BioMedicine, CASE Biomed).

Listed below are the first graduates of the USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences, with their respective nationalities:

  1. Dr. med. Piero Balice, Switzerland
  2. Dr. med. Cecilia Benetti, Italy
  3. Dr. med. Davide Bianchetti, Switzerland
  4. Dr. med. Marie-Ange Bozzini, Switzerland
  5. Dr. med. Gioele Capoferri, Switzerland
  6. Dr. med. Caterina Maria Clericetti, Switzerland
  7. Dr. med. Camilla Lavagno, Switzerland
  8. Dr. med. Luisa Terraneo, Switzerland