Financial literacy and informed decision-making

Institutional Communication Service

21 November 2018

Every day we are called upon to make economic decisions, for example on savings, real estate investments, or even on energy, which can have important consequences both in the short and long term. These decisions nowadays require knowledge of economic and financial elements.

The issue of limited financial literacy can lead many people to make poor economic and financial decisions, with negative effects on both the individual and the social level. Moreover, the risk of sub-optimal choices increases with the increasing complexity and sophistication of financial markets. Improving the level of financial education of the population is, therefore, crucial to making individuals self-sufficient and giving them the opportunity to make informed choices.

These issues will be discussed at the conference on financial literacy organised by the Center for Economic and Political Research on Aging (CEPRA) of the USI Institute of Economics (IdEP), on Monday, November 26, at 5:30pm in the USI Auditorium (Lugano campus).

The conference is hosted by Fabrizio Mazzonna, professor of Economics and CEPRA director at USI, who will introduce guest speakers Claudio Daminato, researcher at CEPRA and ETH Zurich, and by Massimo Filippini, professor of Economics at USI and at ETH Zurich. The two speakers will discuss the impact of the level of financial literacy on pension decisions and on energy-efficient technologies.

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