More responsibilities entrusted to the Academic Senate


Institutional Communication Service

26 November 2018

A series of insights on the role of USI Academic Senate and the issues tackled in its first two years of activities kicks off in view of the elections for its new members, taking place during the spring semester.

The first issue is dedicated to the competences of this new body at USI, whose importance is progressively growing. The Senate’s general objective is to strengthen the unity across the academic community, and it plays both a consultative and pro-active role. More specifically, it can take a stand, and formulate proposals, on issues of general interest, fostering initiatives aimed at the cooperation among the academic community. The Senate is also involved in strategic planning, and it can propose changes concerning the University statute, and regulations on general working conditions.

During this “legislature” the Senate has already been called upon – as per its regulations - to take on some significant mandates from the University Council, with regards of the process for the promotion of professors. Last September, during a private session open to full professors only, the Senate has granted tenure to two associate professors of the Faculty of Communication Sciences. Further similar decisions are to be expected in the future.


For regulations and a list of the current members of the Senate:

The first session: