The Senate has expressed its opinion on the 2019 budget

USI Academic Senate
USI Academic Senate

Institutional Communication Service

7 December 2018

During its meeting on Thursday, December 6, the USI Academic Senate was called upon - for the first time - to give its opinion on the financial budget of the University. This is the first step in a new management approach involving several stages of discussion of this important issue between the various bodies at USI.

The process could be summed up as follows: the University Council discusses the budget in advance in July; in September, the Rectorate provides the Council with a first outline of the budget; once this first version is approved, the Rectorate calls upon the various entities of the organisation in a discussion to refine the quality of the document. After this step, a detailed version of the budget is drawn between October and November and, after further examination from the bodies involved, the final version of the budget is finally presented first to the Senate and then to the Council in December.

The objectives of this extensive consultation process are many. First of all, to coordinate the initial presentation of the budget with the elements of the planning strategy, then to identify (and in the future increase) room for action and therefore the agility of the operations. The introduction of this process will also favour unity within the University, introducing a financial dialogue between all parties involved. Last but not least, the new approach will improve the quality of information and the chance of monitoring the financial implementation in real time.

In addition to launching this new methodology, during its session, the Senate has given green light to submit the 2019 budget as presented to the University Council, which will express its opinion on the matter during its meeting on Friday, December 14.