Research Commission

The Research Commission is a standing commission of designated professors established by the University Council

It carries out the tasks defined by the Swiss National Science Foundation in order to allocate resources according to USI strategy, and it performes evaluations on behalf of USI Council, the Rectorate, the Steering Committee and the Academic Senate. The Research Service provides the secretariat.

Detailed information on the membership, function and roles are specified in the USI statute.


Current members:

Mauro Pezzè

President of the Research Commission

Sonja Hildebrand

Designated member for the Academy of Architecture

Alain Kälin

Designated member for the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences

Jeanne Mengis

Designated member for the Faculty of Communication Sciences

Filippo Carlo Wezel

Designated member for the Faculty of Economics

Fabio Crestani

Designated member for the Faculty of Informatics

Benedetto Lepori

Rector's Delegate for Research Analysis

Patricia Felicitas Funk

Rector's Delegate for Equal Opportunities in Research