East Campus Lugano

The East Campus Lugano is situated in Lugano (Switzerland), in Via la Santa 1, Viganello neighborhood.

It housea lecture rooms and offices of the Faculty of Informatics, the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences, the SUPSI Department of Innovative Technologies and the Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IDSIA), affiliated with both USI and SUPSI.

It also has a number of shared spaces, a multi-purpose hall, an exhibition space, a canteen, a crèche and sports areas. It hosts around 600 members of staff, 1,000 students on the basic programme and 800 students in continuing education.

The designers for this project, which is called Zenobia, are the Ticino architects Simone Tocchetti and Luca Pessina. The investment amounts to 124 million Swiss francs.



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  • Map of the campus

    1. Main Building
    2. Black Building
    3. Auditorium / Mensa
    4. Red Building
    5. Theology
    6. Lab / EOC
    7. East Campus Lugano
      1. Bar / Mensa
      2. Aula polivalente
      3. BiblioAgorà
      4. Sports hall
    8. Library
    9. Aula magna
    10. L'ideatorio (Villa Saroli)
    11. Il Litorale (Piazza San Rocco)
    12. Blue Building
    Campus Lugano 1