Specialisation in Software Development

Software plays a pivotal role in almost all aspects of our life, including transportation, communication, economy, and healthcare. We put trust in software to accomplish complex and vital tasks for us, such as managing our finances, sharing our family and friends’ memories, diagnosing diseases, flying aeroplanes or driving cars. The complexity of these tasks, while becoming transparent to us, does not go away: it is distilled into the software our civilization depends on. Indeed, we are already in the era of ultra-large-scale software systems, composed of millions of code components interacting among them.

Across the two years students must acquire:

  • 30 ECTS out of 36 ECTS of core courses
  • 18 ECTS of “Software Development” tagged courses and write their thesis in the same area

6 ECTS can be acquired from non-INF Master programmes at USI.


Course ECTS Sem
Computer Aided Verification 6 Autumn
Mobile and Wearable Computing 6 Autumn
Programming Styles 3 Autumn
Software Performance 6 Autumn
Software Analysis 6 Spring
Software Quality & Testing 6 Spring

Students graduating with this specialisation will have high employability in the industry.