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Informatics is both the infrastructure and the engine of today’s society. It plays a key role in the industry as well as the service sector in Switzerland. The national training and research institutions have acquired a considerable reputation worldwide, in particular in the IT field. Many IT companies have or are planning to have research and development centres in Switzerland. Considering this, graduates in Informatics have excellent opportunities in the job market.

The demand for well-educated specialists in Informatics is very high and is expected to grow even more. Graduates of the Master of Science in Informatics are trained to solve complex problems in interdisciplinary areas such as machine learning, intelligent search engines, computer graphics and special effects, computer vision and face recognition, robotics, data science, and they are prepared to design, build, integrate, validate, and maintain reliable and secure software systems for the highly competitive software industry of the 21st century.

The following data are based on the last USI Alumni Survey conducted by the USI Career & Alumni Service in 2022. 


1 year after graduation



Time to job

(57.3% before or immediately after graduation)

Average/100% gross annual salary in CH

CHF 75'300.-


Place of work



  • Ticino
  • Other Swiss Cantons


  • 42.9
  • 42.9

Other Countries



Employment Industries


Educational, Research Institutions


Informatics, Technology, Web


Tourism and Transportation



Employment Functions


IT, Engineering, Web, Data Scientist


Research & Development


Teaching & Training


Source: 2022 USI Master Survey (Alumni 2021)

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  • Research summer internships for students - UROP Internships

    The Faculty of Informatics encourages and promotes the talent of its Bachelor and Master students by offering them summer internships in academic research within the programme Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program - UROP.

    Internships are extracurricular, and access is on a competitive basis. Students work one-on-one with an advisor to develop a deeper understanding of both the concepts taught during the semester and the research topic. Students considering continuing in academia should seriously consider applying for a UROP position.

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