Professional Mentoring Programme



In collaboration with the Equal Opportunities Service and the BPW (Business Professional Women) association, and in coordination with the Directors of the Masters, from the autumn semester 2020/2021, a Professional Mentoring programme is offered to female students enrolled in the 2nd year Masters, with the aim of facilitating newly-graduates entry into the world of work through targeted and individual professional counseling.

The Professional Mentoring is carried out over a period of 6 months by a selected group of professionals (Mentor) belonging to the BPW network who, on a voluntary basis, offers professional advice to second year Master students at USI (Mentee), on the basis of an individual match (Mentor/Mentee).


Edition 2021/2022:


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  • BPW Professional Mentoring: Edition 2020/2021

    Edition 2020/2021:


    Mentees Video Interview:

  • Professional Mentoring presentation

    1. Professional Mentoring presentation

    What it is:

    The Professional Mentoring activity consists of a beneficial exchange between two people defined as:
    - A professionally experienced person (Mentor, BPW member) and
    - A less experienced person (Mentee, USI student)

    The professional development of the mentee benefits from the exchange with the mentor. In turn, the mentor’s personal experience is also enriched by this precious exchange.

    Possible topics covered during the Professional Mentoring:

    - The first steps to be taken to start a career
    - The best way to prepare for the start of a professional activity
    - Moving in a male dominated industry
    - Negotiating salary and conditions
    - Reconciling family and professional commitments

    How the Professional Mentoring works:

    - Mentoring lasts 6 months. Attendance is scheduled according to the mentor and mentee’s needs (usually 4-5 meetings, virtual or in presence).
    - The mentoring programme is voluntary. Interruption of the programme is possible only if motivated by both parties.
    - The mentoring process ends with a final report written by the mentee.

  • Requirements and Registration Professional Mentoring

    2. Requirements and Registration

    Requirements for participation in the Professional Mentoring Programme:

    In order to participate in the Professional Mentoring programme as a Mentee, the following requirements must be met:
    -  Female gender
    - To be regularly enrolled in the 2nd year of a USI Master program at the time of applying for enrollment in the Professional Mentoring program. For 2021/22, students enrolled in the Masters in Finance or Informatics will be given priority to enroll in the Professional Mentoring Programme
    - Ability to listen and respect others
    - Motivation to further develop their professional skills


    Registration and Admission:


    To register, female students in possession of the previous requirements must:

    - Send un updated CV and motivation letter to

    - Fill in the on-line form that will be sent by Career service


    The selection of female students admitted as Mentee will be made in agreement with the relevant Master Director depending on the number of places available..

    The selected students will be notified by the Career service and invited to participate in a cognitive interview.

    The matching of the Mentee with her Mentor will be carried out by BPW, after the initial cognitive interview.


    Registration Open call:

    - Beginning of October 2021