Covid-19 Situation

We understand that in the current circumstances it might be difficult for students to find a curricular internship, or to continue the ones they already started. We have decided that such external conditions should not impact negatively on the possibility for students to complete their curriculum on time (provided they have met all other requirements). Program directors or the Exams Commission for the Academy of Architecture are allowed to give ad-hoc assignments to students in order to get the credits they cannot receive through the internship.


The term 'internship' (in French 'stage',) is commonly used to indicate a period of practical training, undertaken in a vocational context, and pursued mainly by students near to graduation and by new graduates alike.

The main objectives of an internship are:

  • To acquaint students with the business world
  • To identify concrete possibilities for employment in a given professional role and to direct the application dossier towards specific career opportunities.

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