Testimonials and Counsellors

Here you can find some testimonials from Swiss people who have completed an ESA Internship or Young Professional Traineeship program, from whom you can seek advice for your application.

Camillo Malnati

Software Engineer for SpaceCube GmbH, ESA - European Space Agency, Darmstadt, Germany

USI Degrees: Master of Science in Software & Data Engineering, 2020, Bachelor of Science in Informatics, 2018

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Mariasole Aurora Agazzi

Bachelor's student in Interdisciplinary Natural Science, ETHZ

Space enthusiast with a dream to become a science communicator, also project manager at ARIS. Now at ESA-ESTEC in the Netherlands for an internship on Science Communication for the GAIA mission, supported with a 6-month SXS Movetia mobility grant.

Alexandre Chappuis

Master's student in Mechanical Engineering, EPFL

Alexandre has a strong interest in Space, he has led and participated in EPFL Rocket Team activities, thus gaining multi extracurricular experiences. He is an intern at ESA Headquarters in Paris and part of the team for Future Space Transportation Preparation. SXS and Movetia awarded him a 6-month European Mobility Program grant.

Andrea Paris

Master's student in Mechanical Engineering, ETH Zurich

After a one-year internship at the Alfa Romeo Sauber Formula One team, where he worked on Deep Learning models applied to Fluid Dynamics, he joined NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. During a six-month-long research program, he is involved in a research project on climate modeling and atmospheric turbulence. He got the SXS and Movetia grant for the 6 month NASA internship.

Adrian Fuhrer

Master's student in mechanical engineering, ETH Zurich

Student focusing on control systems and space technology. He is also an aerospace enthusiast and has served as vice president of the ARIS Association. Adrian Fuhrer is an intern at NASA JPL, Caltech for system design and miniaturization of instrumentation for the EELS mission (exploration of icy moons of Saturn). He is receiving academic credit for this research and the SXS-Movetia scholarship for a 7-month stay in the US.

Marco Trentini

Master's student in Mechanical Engineering, ETH Zurich

Marco possesses a deep-rooted passion for space and aerospace engineering, inspired by childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut. His expertise extends to robotics and lunar studies. With many years on the board of ARIS space association, his leadership and commitment to space research are evident. As he delves into his Master's thesis, the SXS Movetia grant will bolster his research endeavours at NASA JPL Caltech.

Thomas Rimbot

Former ESA Intern

With a background in Computational Science and a strong interest in space, Thomas participated in EPFL Xplore and EPFL Rocket Team activities and is currently working in software engineering for space robotics. He got a six moths internship at ESA-ESTEC in the Netherlands, Noordwijk, to work on data analysis and simulations for galactic cosmic rays characterization with JUICE and Venus Express. He was awarded the SXS Movetia grant to support his work.

Chloé Carrière

Space Influencer and Communicator

Chloé received Switzerland's first SEMP European Mobility Program scholarship for a space internship at ESA-ESRIN in Rome, sponsored by SXS and Movetia. She holds a Master's in Management of Space Technologies from EPFL Lausanne.

Alexander Perozzi

Master's student in Mechanical Engineering, ETH Zurich

Alexander will be an intern at the Rocket Augsburg Factory within the propulsion team. Enthusiast about rocketry and space exploration, he also has experience as a sub-team leader of the liquid rocket engine team at the ARIS Space Association. The SXS Movetia grant for 6 months will support his mobility to Germany.

Rick Roethlisberger

Master's student in Physics, ETH Zurich

Rick is enthusiast about anything space related, but especially loud rockets and far away exoplanets. He also has leadership experience as project manager and systems engineer in the ARIS projects Helvetia and Odyssey.

After an experience of developing an exoplanet space mission at the ESA Alpbach Summer School, he will work as an intern at the Rocket Augsburg Factory in the role of Systems Engineer Launchers. The SXS Movetia grant will support his mobility for 3 months to Germany.

Dino Fassino

Master's student in Mechanical Engineering, ETH Zurich

Dino is a student deeply dedicated to rocket propulsion and space exploration. Currently interning at Ariane Group, specializing in CFD simulations for rocket engine film cooling. Notably, he designed the Fluid Supply System for the hybrid rocket engine ASTREA at ARIS. The SXS Movetia grant is facilitating his journey toward contributing to Lunar and Martian settlement initiatives.

Grégoire Bourban

Former ESA YGT

Grégoire Bourban is working at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) as head of Space Exchange Switzerland (SXS) within the Vice-Presidency for Innovation (VPI).

Claudia Röösli

Former ESA YGT

Claudia Röösli works for more than 10 years in the field of geoscience, space and nature in research and development. As an engineer with a solution-oriented thinking, she works with satellite Earth observation data to transfer knowledge and innovative ideas and knowledge from research to industry.

Deborah Müller

Former ESA YGT

Deborah Müller is a Professional Space and Materials expert willing to transfer space operational knowledge, materials science & engineering and scientific research & developments into technical solutions for ongoing innovation in international industrial technology fields.

Julien Bonnaud

Former ESA YGT

Julien Bonnaud is responsible for Industrial Relations at Space Exchange Switzerland (SXS) and Swiss Delegate at ESA (THAG).