SXS /Movetia grants for internships in Space
SXS Career together with Movetia offer grants within the Swiss-European Mobility Programme for internships in the space field to students enrolled in a University /FH in Switzerland.


In order to be eligible for a SXS Movetia scholarship you need to:

  • be a student enrolled, at the time of application, in a UNI/FH Bachelor's and/or Master's or Ph/D’s programme in Switzerland;
  • be selected for a full-time internship of a minimum duration of 2 months at ESA or another space institution located outside Switzerland;
  • undertake your internship in a country other than your country of residence;
  • apply for the scholarship before starting the internship;

Note that grants can be used for internships up to 12 months after graduation (application must however be made during studies).  


The Grant:
If you meet the requirements and you scholarship application is accepted, the grant will be:

  • monthly grant of CHF 440, calculated on the basis of actual days worked, if the internhsip is in Europe (monthly grant of CHF 500 for internships outside the Europe);
  • 80% of the funding awarded at the beginning of the internship;
  • the remaining 20% at the end of the internship (within 30 days after finishing the internship, final documents must be submitted to receive the balance);
  • Green Travel Top-Up: flat-rate subsidy of CHF 100 for round trip by bus or train (less CO2 emissions than air flight). Proof of travel is required;

In the event of interruption or cancellation of the internship, there is an obligation to return the grant (in whole or in part).


Apply now:
Have you been selected for an internship in space and want to apply for a SXS /Movetia grant? Check the requirements and fill in this form, with all required attachments and forward it to: [email protected]


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