Documents for internship and Agreement

The Career Service supports USI students and graduates seeking to do an internship.


In the case of an internship abroad:

  • Internship Agreement: If the law of the host country requires it, USI can stipulate an agreement with the company
  • Grants: The Career Service provides grants for students enrolled in at USI, which can be used up to 12 months from graduation.


In the case of an internship in Switzerland for non-Swiss students:

  •  Permit: the Career Service provides an internship certification letter to be submitted to the Migration Office.


Remember that:

  • The company has to make sure they give the Intern all the necessary information and any documentation needed in order for him/her to be trained legally in the hosting country. The parties specifically agree that all visa related formalities and any other relevant documentation depend upon the intern and the company. Any activity and responsibility of the University on this matter is excluded
  • As a Swiss legal entity, the University of Italian Switzerland  cannot cover insurance. Therefore, if not covered by the company, both the accident insurance and the third part liability shall be paid by the student.
  • For the internships that take place in Switzerland, you can refer to the "Linee guida - Criteri per definire lo STAGE" (Italian only).
  • Fot internship that take place in Switzerland: if, during the internship, the annual income exceeds CHF 2,300 per calendar year and per employer, the employer is required to request the AVS (Swiss social security system) number for the student.

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  • Documents

    Below you can download the useful documents for the internship:

    The documents are downloadable in Word format and are already formatted for filling in the necessary fields.

    Remember that:

    • If the intern has already graduated, the USI can activate an internship agreement within 12 months from graduation.
    • It is required to sign the internship agreement before the internship begins. USI will countersign the agreement within 7-10 days.
    • Students with non-Swiss and non-EU nationality with a B Student Permit can work in Switzerland after 6 months from their arrival (15 hours a week /full time during the summer months), after the modification of their permit. See the Ordinanza sull’ammissione, il soggiorno e l’attività lucrativa (OASA).