Specialisation in Artificial Intelligence

A wide variety of techniques will be taught, including intelligent robotics, artificial deep neural networks, machine learning, metaheuristics optimization techniques, data mining, data analytics, simulation and distributed
algorithms. The main courses are integrated with laboratory works where students have the possibility to use real robots and to practice with state of the art tools and methodologies.

Across the two years students must acquire:

  • 30 ECTS out of 36 ECTS of core courses
  • 18 ECTS of “Artificial Intelligence” tagged courses and write their thesis in the same area

6 ECTS can be acquired from non-INF Master programmes at USI.

Course ECTS Sem
Advanced Topics in Machine Learning 6 Autumn
Artificial Intelligence 6 Autumn
Deep Learning Lab 3 Autumn
Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition 6 Spring
Data Analytics 6 Spring
Graph Deep Learning 3 Spring
Robotics 6 Spring
Security Aspects of Machine Learning 3 Spring

Students graduating with this specialisation will develop a taste for working on complex problems. In their future careers, they will be able to apply their knowledge in many interdisciplinary areas including robotics, business forecasting, intelligent search, video games, music and entertainment, chat bots, medical diagnostics, self-driving cars, to name a few.