Key Facts

Degree Issued: Master of Arts in Philosophy


Location: Lugano, Switzerland


Duration: 2 year (4 semesters)


Language: English


Format: Full-time Degree recognised by the Swiss government


ECTS: 120


Ideal number of students per year: 20


First edition of the programme: 2017/2018


Disciplinary Focus:

  • Metaphysics,
  • Philosophy of Mind,
  • Logic & Philosophy of Science,
  • Ancient & Medieval Philosophy.


Universities of origin of our students (2017-2019)

Banja Luka, Barcelona, Bari, Berkeley, Bologna, Durham, Florida State, Fribourg, Lugano, Milan, Monash, Naples, Oxford, Padua, Parma, Pavia, Sorbonne, Tiblisi, Trento, Venice, Zurich.


Universities of origin of our visiting professors:

Alberta, Amsterdam, Buffalo, Cambridge, Central European University, Columbia University, Durham, Fribourg, Geneva, Glasgow, Lucern, New York University, Oxford, St. Andrews, Trinity College Dublin, Tübingen, Turin.


Admission rate at the MAP, year 2020/2021

50% (June 2020)

Increase in eligible applicants

During years 2017-2019, there has been a 56% increase in eligible applicants!


What our students do after graduation

All students who graduated by July 2020 and who aimed at pursuing an academic career have been admitted into a PhD programme before the end of the MAP.
Others decided to pursue a non-academic career and have received job offers in London and Lugano.