USI Master in International Tourism students fill the podium at the Meet the Future Awards

(L to R): Ylenia Gervasoni e Francesca Gianini (foto © Event Management Circle)
(L to R): Ylenia Gervasoni e Francesca Gianini (foto © Event Management Circle)

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25 February 2019

At this year’s Meet The Future Award (MTFA), hosted by the Swiss Event Management Circle (EMC) in Winterthur, Switzerland, on February 5, the winning podium went entirely to projects developed by USI Master in International Tourism students, with the first prize won by the “Gala du Soleil” project. 

The MTFA gives prospective event managers and tourism talents the chance to apply their theoretical event management knowledge in a real project. The challenge for the student groups was to develop an event concept for a customer event with 300 participants and a total budget of CHF 250.000. During the course in Event Management, which is offered by the USI Master in International Tourism, the students developed their event concept mentored by Dr. Rob Davidson. Following the briefing, students were in touch with suppliers and service providers to develop their event concept and establish a budget to make an offer to the client. Their task was to include catering, guest management, transport, logistics, staging, and entertainment in their offer, using their creativity while staying within the budget. 

The winning project was submitted by three students enrolled in the first year of the USI Master in International Tourism – Ylenia Gervasoni (Ticino, Switzerland) , Francesca Gianini (Ticino, Switzerland) and Viola Kola (Albania) – who won the prize of CHF 1000 and the opportunity to apply for a traineeship in the event management company MCI Schweiz. 

“Gala du Soleil” – the name suggests the world famous Cirque du Soleil – is an exclusive and exciting event to be held at Stage One in Zürich-Oerlikon, and is designed to promote strong client relationships with the company’s client base. A focus on entertainment, excitement, creativity, color, and excellence in organization (e.g. acrobats, magicians, and other performers) will help to create an atmosphere of levity and enjoyment as a type of ‘reward’ for collaborating with this company. 

The EMC organizes the MTFA on a yearly basis among students of Swiss universities to create and support a younger generation of qualified event management professionals. 

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