"Archivi del Novecento" resumes

Source pixabay.com, license Creative Commons CC0
Source pixabay.com, license Creative Commons CC0

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26 February 2019

The series of public evenings organised by Rete Due and USI Institute of Italian Studies (ISI) will present twelve authors through RSI archives. The series will resume on 27 February at 6 pm in the RSI Studio 2 in Besso, with Fabio Pusterla who will talk about one of the fathers of 20th Century poetry: Eugenio Montale.

Twelve lectures on ten main authors of Twentieth-Century Italian literature, brought back to life through the archives of RSI, thanks to old interviews shot, at times, in intimate settings such as the author’s home. A chance to virtually meeting once more with the most beloved and iconic writers and poets of this productive period in Italian literature.

Authors such as Eugenio Montale, Plinio Martini, Dino Buzzati, Goffredo Parise, Lalla Romano, Guido Piovene, Mario Soldati, Leonardo Sciascia, Giorgio Bassani, Paolo Volponi, Andrea Zanzotto and Giovanni Orelli will keep the audience company for one evening thanks to RSI archives and the expertise of scholars such as Fabio Pusterla, Mattia Pini, Silvia Zangrandi, Silvio Perrella, Vega Tescari, Sara Garau, Giacomo Jori, Corrado Bologna, Gianni Venturi, Massimo Raffaeli, Stefano Dal Bianco and Pietro Montorfani.


All conferences will be held in Italian and are open to the public. 

The full programme is available at: