The ski season of the Sport Service has been a success: kudos to the new base in Andermatt


Institutional Communication Service

1 April 2019

Since January 2019, the Sports Service has organised for students, teachers and staff a total of twenty days on the ski slopes. The initiatives have been very successful thanks to the new sports base in Andermatt, which offers room for a hundred people. The offer will increase during the next ski season, to meet the strong demand of the academic community.  

Located in the heart of the Alps, the SkiArena in Andermatt is a true heaven for many snow sports aficionados: thanks to a new institutional agreement with the Federal Office of Sports, the USI Sports Service could carry out its activities for the first time this year at “Base sportiva della Val d'Orsera”. In this new location USI has organised several stays, offering a range of five winter sports: cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, snowboarding, telemark and snowshoeing.

Students, professors, and employees appreciated the wide range of winter activities offered and over 150 members of the community joined in. The aim of the university is to enrich the extracurricular experience at USI, extending it to the splendid setting of the Swiss Alps and promoting a healthy balance between physical and intellectual activities in the community.