The new premises of Archivio del Moderno presented


Institutional Communication Service

12 October 2019

The new premises of Archivio del Moderno of USI Academy of Architecture were presented to the public on Saturday morning in Balerna. The ceremony was held in the presence of the Rector of Università della Svizzera italiana Boas Erez, the Mayor of Balerna Luca Pagani, the Mayor of Chiasso Bruno Arrigoni, the Mayor of Varese Davide Galimberti and the Director of Archivio del Moderno Letizia Tedeschi.

The new headquarters is at Magazzini Generali con Punto Franco (via Magazzini Generali 14), a building dating back to 1924 designed by Robert Maillart, a leading engineer of the 20° Century from Geneva, supported by Ettore Brenni, an engineer from Ticino who was also the commissioner. Archivio del Moderno of USI Academy of Architecture is an archive and a centre for the study of the history of architecture, engineering, spatial planning, design and the visual arts, thanks to the support of the Canton and the University.

Over the years it has acquired, through donations and bequests, an important patrimony of records and documents, which is now its distinguishing feature.  It preserves 58 archives of architects, engineers, urban planners, designers and visual operators who played a significant role in the emergence of modernity. Numerous research projects are carried out through its archives, which offer a chance for discussion and interaction during conferences and study days organised with other institutions, foundations, and partners from both the public and private sector.