Pietro Majno-Hurst guest at "Il gioco del mondo"


Institutional Communication Service

9 December 2019

Pietro Majno Hurst is professor at USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences, Department Chief and Head of the Surgery Service at the Regional Hospital of Lugano (ORL). He was a guest a few weeks back of the show "Il gioco del mondo" (The game of the world) hosted by Damiano Realini on RSI LA1. A chat that retraced the steps of Professor Majno-Hurst's high-profile career, also touching on cultural and personal aspects.

Professor Pietro Majno-Hurst graduated in Milan in 1986, and completed his training in surgery in the United Kingdom before working at university hospitals in Geneva and improving his skills in liver transplants in Paris between 1996 and 1997. During the show he liked to compare himself to this organ, so complex, functional, timid and quiet, which has become the focus of his studies.

He took over the management of the Department and Surgery Service in 2017, playing an important role also for the new Master in Medicine at USI, which will begin in September 2020 and which provides for collaboration, among others, with Ente ospedaliero cantonale (EOC). As he stated during the conversation the journalist, one of his objectives as Head of Department and Professor at the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences is to create even more synergies and integration between the four cantonal hospitals.

The doctor-patient relationship and pain management is one of the topics on which the show focuses: for Majno-Hurst, the need to tackle serious illnesses in someone's family leads individuals to become "more experienced human beings" and in his case doctors who are more aware of their dialogue with the patient.

Adopted by Ticino, he tells of his father who, a Jewish refugee in 1943, was received in Sorengo during the Second World War by the Canevascini family. Acceptance is a keyword for the professor, who in turn welcomed three refugees from Eritrea into his home in Geneva. In addition to this, there is his attention to the environmental health (Prof. Majno-Hurst, for example, travels only by public transport and by bicycle), inextricably linked to human health.


The episode of 10 November, 2019 is available at the following link:

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