Numbed by Numbers... is back!


Institutional Communication Service

12 February 2020

After its debut, in the spring of 2015, and after a long tour that saw it first in Ticino - in Ascona, Lugano and Bellinzona - and then in Italy - in Genoa, Pavia, Palermo, Catania, Bologna, Florence and Treviso - the exhibition Diamo i numeri! (“Numbed by Numbers”) returns to the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland and finds a new home the Cantonal School of Commerce in Bellinzona, where it will remain open until 19 June 2020.

Diamo i numeri! is an interactive exhibition on the fascinating world of numbers, an authentic “maths gym” with about thirty stations along a path built around three major topix, expressed in "3D" - Digits (the origin of numbers, from when man began to count with his fingers, to numbers as we know them today), Dice (random numbers, probability, casino space), and Data (numbers in a context, numbers and simulations, numbers that tell us).

The exhibition is realised by the scientific director Prof. Antonietta Mira - professor of statistics at USI at the Faculty of Economics and Director of the Data Science Lab at the USI Institute of Computational Sciences, who was recently appointed in the Federal Statistics Committee in Berne - in collaboration with L'ideatorio of USI and SMASI (Società Matematica della Svizzera italiana), and is financially supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation.


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