Entrepreneurs in life sciences, new edition of the volume by CASE BioMed


Institutional Communication Service

20 September 2020

After the excellent feedback of the first edition, the book "Bio- and MedTech Entrepreneurship. From start-up to exit" by Dr Heidrun Flaadt Cervini, director of the Center of Advanced Studies on Entrepreneurship in BioMedicine (CASE BioMed, Faculty of Biomedical Sciences of USI), and Jörg Dogwiler, CEO of Congenius AG returns with a second edition published by Stämpfli.

The volume represents the synthesis of years of experience gathered at USI in the context of the BioBusiness and MedTech Business, advanced training programmes intended for young entrepreneurs in the field of life sciences.

"This book is an important milestone and a great achievement for us: thanks to the contributions of various authors (start-up founders, experts and investors in life sciences) from all over the world, we wanted to offer a useful insight of what is required to create and finance a Bio- or MedTech company, addressing the current challenges of a constantly evolving sector", explains Dr Flaadt Cervini. "The second edition is available both in print and as an ebook".

This year, CASE BioMed is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the BioBusiness programme, the first of the centre's programmes designed to promote the transfer of knowledge and technology in the life sciences into products and services. Through case studies, intensive discussions with professionals, and other activities aimed at developing advanced skills at both theoretical and practical level, the programme offers young entrepreneurs an in-depth understanding of the dynamics that characterise the sector, focusing in particular on the development of new drugs and therapies for those diseases that are still not treatable.