Discovering galaxies and black holes in Alta Leventina


Institutional Communication Service

12 October 2020

The touring planetarium of L'ideatorio has made a stop at the town hall Olimpia in Airolo from 29 September to 3 October 3, 2020: more than 200 people visited it.

The inter-municipal schools Alta Leventina (Dalpe, Prato Leventina, Quinto, Airolo, Bedretto) were invited to 14 shows in the astronomical planetarium, which took place over five days.

"A silent blue marble, suspended in the dark: this is what our planet looks like from space" - said the invitation made to schools. "We will leave from here, from our home, to discover galaxies and black holes, extraterrestrial life and space missions. Inside the touring planetarium of L'ideatorio we will travel in space, beyond the limits of our Solar System, to discover where the farthest stars and galaxies are born and to recognize the main constellations. We will experience distant stories, myths and traditions to become philosophers under a starry sky. It will be an opportunity to satisfy the curiosity of space, learning to look with different eyes at this little big planet that welcomes us, the Earth".

As many as 216 participants responded positively to the invitation: the students of the schools, and about twenty USI students who visited the planetarium at the end of the Alpine Seminar.