confronti 2020 - Performance and creativity for a resilient economy

Institute for Economic Research

Date: 26 November 2020 / 14:00 - 17:30

LAC - Lugano Arte e Cultura (Piazza Bernardino Luini 6, Lugano)

In the next months the Swiss and global economy will have to live with the pandemic. The 2020 edition of confronti aims at providing an original perspective by exploring the strategies to ensure economic prosperity in Canton Ticino in a world characterized by uncertainty and an increased risk of unpredictable shocks. Starting from the assumption that resilience is a key feature for any regional economy, confronti 2020 will evaluate the ingredients of a successful strategy drawing from the logic of sport performance and cultural creativity.
The discussion will start with two contributions from experts in sport economics and creative industries, and continue with an open debate involving the experts and the leading local players in these two fields.


Following the latest cantonal regulations, confronti 2020 will be organized exclusively online on Zoom.

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Updates and detailed programme: