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17 May 2021

The ceremony of USI's 25th Dies academicus was complemented by live coverage from different Canton regions, highlighting USI's relationship with the territory. The Mayors of Lugano, Bellinzona, Mendrisio, Airolo and Locarno took the floor to underline how the University belongs to the totality of Ticino.

In Airolo, the outgoing Mayor Franco Pedrini and Interim Mayor Oscar Wolfisberg spoke about the collaboration between USI and the Gotthard region and its value for the future planning of the area.

In Mendrisio, Mayor Samuele Cavadini recalled how the Academy of Architecture had transformed Mendrisio and its history, creating a university identity that has changed the social and urban fabric of the city.

In Bellinzona, Mayor Mario Branda emphasised how USI belongs to all of Ticino, with its activities spread throughout the territory. A critical aspect "that allows the population and the authorities to perceive the University as "their own" and learn to love it". Branda then spoke of the importance of the scientific research centre with its IRB and IOR institutes.

In Locarno, the Town Council member Nancy Lunghi underlined the importance of the University and its ability to establish a dialogue with the region, giving as an example the link that USI has with the Istituto Ricerche Solari (IRSOL), the new joint-chair with the Locarno Film Festival and the new Master in Biomedical Sciences.

In Lugano, the Mayor of the city, Marco Borradori, recalled how education, research and development are fundamental elements for the growth and fulfilment of everyone's life and how important it is to have dedicated spaces and infrastructures a stone's throw from home. Speaking of USI, Borradori also underlined the international nature of the University, which blends with the family-like nature of its small size. An enriching reality for the territory that has created a relationship of reciprocity with the city.

Below are the videos of the speeches.


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Mayor Franco Pedrini
Mayor Oscar Wolfisberg
Mayor Samuele Cavadini
Mayor Mario Branda
Town Council member Nancy Lunghi
Mayor Marco Borradori