L'ideatorio and schools: a full house

Institutional Communication Service

24 May 2021

Again this school year, despite the restrictions, as many as 300 classes participated in the various activities proposed by L'ideatorio USI, thus registering a full house. The Cadro premises will remain open until 20 June, for schools from Monday to Friday and the public on weekends. During the summer, L'ideatorio will close to the public to set up the exhibition "Diamo i numeri!", which will open at the beginning of September together with new workshops and shows in the astronomical planetarium.

The desire to think, play and discover has not been stopped by the COVID-19 epidemic. Once again this year, teachers from 300 classes have decided to bring their students to L'ideatorio: to explore topics from the school curriculum, to offer a special moment, to build team spirit, or to experiment with complementary paths what has been taught in class.

L'ideatorio is USI's service for the promotion of scientific culture and dialogue between science and society. It aims to make science and its challenges in our community accessible and transparent to as many people as possible by fostering a responsible and critical dialogue on scientific and technological progress.