PhD students in immunology reunited in Wolfsberg


Institutional Communication Service

1 September 2021

70 PhD immunology students from all over Switzerland participated to the 33rd Wolfsberg Meeting 2021, which took place between 16 an 18 August in Canton Thurgau. Next to seven Professors from different Swiss universities, PhD students had the chance to delve into diverse topics in the field of immunology. The event was realised with the contribution of the Faculty of Biomedical sciences of USI.

The convention at Schloss Wolfsberg, near Ermatingen in Canton Thurgau, has the purpose to broaden the network of PhD students, to present their researches and results, to discover projects developed at other institutes, and to initiate regular exchanges of ideas or even to start collaborations.

The program of this 33rd Wolfsberg Meeting included 50 presentations and covered various topics in immunology, including “T cell specificity and Differentiation”, “Infection and Immunity”, “Allergy and Inflammation”, “Stromal and myeloid cells”, and “Tumor immunology”. 

The event was a special occasion as PhD students could present their researches outside their home laboratories, or home institutions, and expose themselves to critical discussion of their work.


Statements of participating students:

“I really enjoyed the Wolfsberg meeting with sessions packed with interesting science, as well as time to get to know other students from all over Switzerland. As it was my first time presenting my project at a conference, I certainly learned a lot for future meetings.”

“It’s wonderful that PhD students are provided such an opportunity to spend a quality time, to network and to learn at the same time. Having a retreat and such an amazing place gives a feeling of being valued and appreciated as a young scientist. I learned and got inspired a lot during these three days!”

“This meeting is an amazing opportunity for us PhD Students to learn how to stand on a stage, being asked and ask questions, and get a congress experience in a friendly environment. I highly appreciate the confidence it gives me for any talks and congresses in the future.”

“I have been told that the Wolfsberg Meeting is an amazing conference, but it by far exceeded my expectations. Lots of highly interesting talks and motivating discussions in an absolutely beautiful location at Schloss Wolfsberg have only raised my excitement about the field of immunology and my further research and education as a PhD student!”

“The Wolfsberg meeting enables us young immunologist to communicate our work, get insights into new exciting topics and network with the colleagues from the other Suisse universities.”


The meeting was sponsored by the Swiss Society for Allergologists and Immunologists (SGAI), FONDATION ACTERIA, UBS, the Universities of Bern, Geneva and Zurich, the USI/IRB and ETH.