A glimpse of the future - Welcome 2021


Institutional Communication Service

13 September 2021

The event “Uno sguardo sul futuro” (A Glimpse into Future), organised as part of Welcome 2021, is approaching. It will take place on Saturday, 18 September at the East Campus in Lugano. The winning project was conceived by Marija Mihaljevic and Tracy Staffieri.

We are now a few days away from the evening event that won the open call launched in May by the USI Students Corporation, devised by students Marija Mihaljevic and Tracy Staffieri, and carried out in collaboration with the Corporation and recognised student associations.

The event is part of the “Welcome 2021” institutional welcome weekend, dedicated to welcoming first-year students who will begin their academic journey at USI next week.

The evening will be an opportunity to consolidate the ties within the USI student community and allow the new students to become part of the area’s social, cultural, and youth environment.

In addition to the initiatives and offers of the recognised student associations, Amnesty International, Sezione Svizzera, Arcobaleno, Città di Lugano, Lugano Region and Volontariato Ticino will also be present.

The event will feature live music with local artists, ranging from rock, pop, original songs, covers, and interviews with special guests.

The Student Corporation and the student associations will welcome USI first-year students with a special celebration to meet their future classmates and fellow students, accompanied by music, fun and cheer, always with an eye towards your future!


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