Speakers' Corner- The digitalisation of the Ticino valleys, when tradition and innovation finally meet


Institutional Communication Service

4 April 2022

When we think of Ticino, our mind might take us to its cities. But the reality is that almost 60% of the region is surrounded by mountains and immersed in beautiful landscapes. It is where the idea of Astrid Herrera of the USI Startup Centre begins: in the valleys of Ticino. Such seemly remote places are indeed carriers of innovation. A large number of companies involved in tourism can be found in those areas, which are very important for the country's economy. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed entrepreneurs' attitudes towards digitalisation, who started using technology to grow their businesses.

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The 2nd Speakers' Corner project was held in 2021 at LAC Lugano during the Swiss Digital Days. In this series of short videos, students talk about the projects they developed for the event. Speakers' Corner is a project promoted by the City of Lugano and the urban laboratory Lugano Living Lab. USI took part in the event, together with other universities in Southern Switzerland. The initiative stems from the desire to promote concrete projects to raise awareness of digital issues by enhancing the skills in the region.


Astrid Herrera USI Startup Centre The Digitalisation of the Ticino valleys, when tradition and innovation finally meet