Youth and digitalisation


Institutional Communication Service

31 March 2022

Digitisation is shaping our lives, especially those of the younger generations. As part of the cultural project on convergence and distance devised by the Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society, the Institute of Media and Journalism is holding an evening of debate on the subject with three guests: 

Veronica Barassi, University of St. Gallen, will talk about the profiling of young people and children with particular reference to the inevitable human error of artificial intelligence, hence the impossibility of reading people by algorithms and profiling systems. The relationship between data convergence in creating people's profiles and the lack of understanding of human complexity will be explored. 

Giovanna Mascheroni, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan, will illustrate the ySKILLS project, which aims to maximise the long-term positive impact of information and communication technologies on multiple aspects of young people's well-being by stimulating resilience through improved digital skills. It will focus on the gap still to be bridged in digital competencies, starting with methodological issues related to their measurement in the face of progressive media convergence.  

Eleonora Benecchi, Università della Svizzera italiana, will report on the main trends that emerged during ten years of studies on Youth and Media conducted in Switzerland. In particular, she will focus on how social media use has changed, the progressive trend towards connectivity, and young people's individualisation. It will thus observe the convergence leading to an increase in virtual connection between young people and the increasing distance between peers in the real world. 


The event will be held on Thursday, 7 April 2022, at 6 pm on USI West Campus in A-22 Red Building.