Political economy day 2022 at a glance


Institutional Communication Service

24 October 2022

The Political Economy Day 2022, promoted by Iconomix in Southern Switzerland and organised in collaboration with USI, was held on 16 September 2022. The event was marked by exchange and interaction, with two lectures from experts in the field.


Fabio Bossi, Regional Delegate of the Swiss National Bank, tells us what emerged from this first edition of the Political Economy Day.

It was an opportunity to create synergies on several levels. First and foremost, among the lecturers attending this educational day, but also among the various institutions involved. The in-depth theme, dedicated this year to the economic aspects of climate change, aroused a lot of interest, and the speeches by Alberto Stival (Swiss Sustainable Finance) and Prof. Marco Meneguzzo (Institute of Economics, USI) sparked some interesting insights, which were then explored in depth in their respective workshops. The Day was also an opportunity to raise awareness of the educational offerings of Iconomix, which, through its website www.iconomix.ch and events, offers up-to-date teaching modules for economics lessons to high school teachers to promote economic education and inclusion. It will now be a matter of drawing the necessary conclusions at the organisational level to consolidate this event as a recurring occasion in Southern Switzerland.


How will/is climate change/changing our lives?

The current situation and energy issues are raising awareness and should encourage us to develop new habits: car sharing, lowering building temperatures and local and seasonal consumption.


It is now time to resort to action," explains Sébastien Bétrisey, Head @iconomix.ch for French and Italian-speaking Switzerland. What are the possible solutions proposed to meet the challenges of the coming years?

The Political Economy Day presented the following solutions:

  • Greenwashing is a challenge for the entire financial sector; 
  • Being sustainable (and investing in sustainable companies) over the medium to long term pays off, even from a purely economic point of view (thanks to the in-line or above-average performance and a simultaneous reduction in risk).
  • A circular economy should be promoted rather than a linear economy that follows the "take-make-dispose" plan.