Mourning in the academic community: farewell to Riccardo Mazza


Institutional Communication Service

21 October 2022

Among USI's earliest researchers and a long-time employee of the eLab, Dr Riccardo Mazza prematurely passed away a few days ago. USI extends its sincerest condolences to the family and remembers Riccardo Mazza through the words of Lorenzo Cantoni and Stefano Tardini.

Riccardo Mazza received his PhD in Communication Sciences from USI in 2004 with a thesis on the use of information visualisation for web-based distance learning. A very important topic, that of eLearning, on which he worked for many years with Professor Lorenzo Cantoni to lay the foundations for USI's current systems for distance learning.

This is how Prof. Lorenzo Cantoni remembers him: "I shared with Riccardo my first experience as a researcher at USI, in the Swisscast project; we then worked together on many other occasions. I remember him as a friend and a prepared, attentive colleague, always ready to listen and help others."

Dr Stefano Tardini, head of the eLab, adds, "Professionally, I remember him for the great energy he put into his work; he was a true enthusiast of digital technologies and did pioneering work in the field of eLearning, contributing to the founding of the eLab and the introduction of the first eLearning platforms at USI, thanks also to innovative projects funded by the National Fund and the European Community. We mourn the loss of a great friend and a great professional."