Reports that become History at Circolo Nuova Antologia conference


Institutional Communication Service

7 November 2022

The conference on news reports that become history organised by Circolo culturale Nuova Antologia will be held on Saturday, 12 November, at 10:15 am in Room 1 of Lugano's LAC cultural centre. Admission is free.

The conference, conceived and realised by Salvatore Maria Fares, is proposed as an opportunity to reflect on contemporary society through the contributions of authoritative voices active in different fields. This year's theme, which focuses on the role of journalism in the face of events of historical significance, will feature journalist and essayist Antonio Caprarica, former Corriere della Sera chief editor Ferruccio De Bortoli, USI Deputy Rector Lorenzo Cantoni and art historian Stefano Zuffi. The conference will open with a welcome by Lugano Mayor Michele Foletti and a talk between Corriere del Ticino chief editor Paride Pelli and Salvatore Maria Fares.


Speakers' Biographies

Antonio Caprarica

He is among the best-known writers and faces in non-fiction and television today. He was for many years the London correspondent for RAI, for which he covered several reports from countries where he witnessed events and conflicts firsthand, from Afghanistan to Iraq. He has also been a correspondent from Jerusalem, Cairo, Moscow and Paris. He has headed the RAI Radio Newspapers. He is the author of numerous novels and essays. His historical and journalistic publications related to British affairs and the British monarchy include "God Save Us from the British...or Not!?", "The Novel of the Windsors," "The Novel of London," "Timeless Elizabeth," "The Queen Empress," "Elizabeth, Forever Queen," and "William & Harry. From Inseparable to Enemy." He collaborates with Corriere del Ticino.


Ferruccio De Bortoli

He was twice chief editor of Corriere della Sera, headed Il Sole 24 ore and was administrator of Rizzoli Libri and RCS MediaGroup, one of Italy's leading publishing groups, active nationally and internationally in the newspaper, magazine and television markets. He is also one of the best-known journalists for his non-fiction publications, including "Changing Information," "Conscious. Blessed are those who will inform people," "I'm a priest, I like it" with Pope Francis, "Strong Powers (or almost). Memoirs of over forty years of journalism; "Reason and common sense," "We will be saved. Notes for a Civic Redemption"; "The Things We Don't Tell Ourselves (to the End)."


Stefano Zuffi

An art historian who specialises in museology and is involved in cultural dissemination. He has published more than 100 volumes of art history, guides to cities, historic places and museums, and studies of iconography, with particular reference to the Renaissance and Baroque. He has edited widely published series, and several of his titles have been translated into various languages. In addition, he has curated exhibitions of ancient and modern art. He is the curator at the Pinacoteca Civica in Ancona and a member of the scientific committee of the Pinacoteca di Brera. In addition to collaborating with specialised magazines, he participated for several years in the programme "Riguardiamoli" for Radio della Svizzera italiana. He is vice president of the Friends of the Poldi Pezzoli Museum Association and president of the Rotary Club of Milan. His most recent publications include "Il Sacro del Ticino" with Salvatore Maria Fares (Skira), "Il racconto della pittura. Da Giotto a Caravaggio" (Hoepli), "Raffaello non deve morire" (Francesco Brioschi editore), "Pietro Aretino. Letters to Titian" (Skira), "Senza Posa. Lorenzo Lotto between Venice, Bergamo and the Marche" (Edea).


Lorenzo Cantoni

Graduated in Philosophy and holds a PhD in Education and Linguistics. He is full professor at USI - Università della Svizzera italiana (Lugano, Switzerland), Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society, where he is director of the Institute of Digital Technologies for Communication. His research interests are where communication, education and new media overlap, ranging from computer-mediated communication to usability, from eLearning to eTourism and digital Fashion.
He is a chair-holder of the UNESCO chair in ICT to develop and promote sustainable tourism in World Heritage Sites, established at USI in 2013, and a board member of WHES - World Heritage Experience Switzerland.
He is the director of the Master in Digital Fashion Communication, created in collaboration with Sorbonne University in Paris, and director of the Master in International Tourism. In addition, he is the author of numerous publications, among the most recent: a "Handbook on Heritage, Sustainable Tourism and Digital Media" (Edward Elgar, together with Silvia de Ascaniis) and "Digital Fashion Communication. An (Inter)cultural Perspective" (Brill, together with Alice Noris).